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Liveice is now working with Icecastv2 servers, please report any bugs to the address below.
The liveice-sn package is a work in progress, and not all the docs are up to date.
A whole new website will follow as Scott has given his blessing for me to take over the project.
Incase you're wondering about liveice-xmms, no, not yet, but I will get to it.

LiveIce is a CLI client to stream live audio from the soundcard to Icecast v1 and v2 servers in MP3.
LiveIce doesn't currently do any other format, for live ogg encoding use IceS (hint: use ogg it's much nicer quality and it's open!)
If you want to do both ogg and mp3 from one client program try darkice,
however YMMV, it didn't work for me, which why I like LiveIce. ("Do one thing, do it well." :-)

You will need an encoder for mp3, liveice supports a few. LAME is the most popular, download here.

Here are a couple of diagrams showing how liveice fits into the structure that is the Icecast2 server ecosystem.
There is now a mailinglist if you want to ask a question. If you prefer IRC you can try in #icecast on
Example configs are provided and The Unofficial Icecast HowTo has a section on LiveIce.
The original website is at, and is a good place to look at the moment.

Props for the original program go to Scott Manley (Listen to his radio show!).
All the hard bits for making liveice work with Icecast2 was by Mike Smith, thanks for all the help :-)

The MP3 format is owned by Thomson and Fraunhofer IIS. Streaming in mp3 can require a licence, check here.
For patent-free, no licence required audio check out Ogg Vorbis.

Stephen Nixon, liveice at imux dot net. Logo